Why patients near Waynesville, NC might want to find a mercury safe dentist

For many decades, amalgam fillings were the “go-to” choice for dentists in the United States. These silver fillings are made up of a mixture of metals and were chosen due to their durability. Chances are, if you’re an adult and you’ve had a filling in your lifetime, it was done with amalgam. While this standard of care seemed safe to many individuals, years of research has gone on to show that these fillings contain enough mercury to be considered toxic to the body. While many dental practices consider themselves mercury-free and no longer place amalgam fillings, not all are mercury-safe. A mercury-safe dentist follows specific protocols whenever removing this material. If you are in the Waynesville, NC, the following are some reasons why you might want to find a mercury-safe dentist office such as Virtue Dental Care.


Amalgam fillings can contain up to 50 percent mercury. While some dentists offer the removal and replacement of these fillings, many will use standard dental techniques for removing old fillings. As a mercury-safe practice, we follow strict protocols set forth by the IAOMT to ensure that both the patient and the dental team are safe during the removal process.

The following are some of the steps we take to ensure we are mercury-safe:

  • Alternative source of air to ensure there is no inhalation of mercury vapors
  • Protective clothing and eye protection
  • Use of a rubber dam to ensure that the filling is isolated, and the rest of the mouth is protected from mercury particles
  • Use of high-speed suction to remove particles quickly
  • Removal of the filling in large chunks instead of drilling
  • Proper air filtration to eliminate mercury particles and vapor from the air during the procedure
  • Amalgam separator to properly collect and dispose of waste

It’s important to note that these are only some of the steps we take to keep our patients and our staff mercury safe. The truth is that being a mercury-safe practice means more than checking off a bunch of steps on a list. We ensure that all members of our team receive the appropriate training and ongoing education to ensure that all mercury removal procedures are safe.


Once the amalgam filling is safely removed, we will then provide patients with metal-free composite resin fillings. These fillings are made of a material that is safe for the body and are tooth colored to blend in unnoticeably in the smile.


In addition to providing patients with mercury-safe amalgam removal, we also offer a wide range of holistic dental care services. From restoring a smile after tooth loss to treating tooth decay and cosmetic enhancements, our goal is to give you a beautiful, healthy smile. Call us today at (336) 606-0040.

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