Give your smile the care it deserves with biological dental care near Asheboro, NC

There are many reasons patients near Asheboro, NC should consider biological dental care. For starters, biological dentistry places emphasis on preventing oral disease through education and early detection. Biological dentistry also places value on using only safe and natural materials and using conservative measures whenever possible in order to preserve as much natural tissue. At Virtue Dental Care near Asheboro, NC, we’re proud to offer high quality, comprehensive biological services to our patients.


Dentists who provide biological dental care are interested in improving patients’ lives and overall health. Many diseases impact oral health, while at the same time, symptoms for various health conditions may originate in the mouth. By understanding this oral-systemic connection and taking an interest in a patient’s overall medical and family history, we can offer truly customized care.

In addition to focusing on total body health, biological dentistry focuses on using the most conservative treatment options possible with safe materials that do not contain known toxins such as mercury.

When you visit a biological dentistry practice like Virtue Dental Care, you can ensure that you are receiving advanced dental care with the latest technology, while also being under the care of a team that has a keen interest in improving your overall quality of life.


One of the pillars of biological dentistry is always providing the safest treatment possible and avoiding the use of any restoration materials that contain mercury. Instead, we use biocompatible materials that do not have potentially harmful effects on the immune system.

Another goal is to use the least invasive treatment options possible in order to preserve biologic tissue. When treating common conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, we consider both conventional and alternative treatments to come up with a unique plan that improves oral health.


At Virtue Dental Care, we offer composite resin fillings as a safe, mercury-free alternative to amalgam. Amalgam is a dental material that has been around for many years. Chosen for its durability and ease of use, the metal compound contains mercury. As the mercury in amalgam fillings is heated (during daily functions such as biting and chewing), vapors are released and absorbed by the body. Composite resin is a strong, safe material that looks natural and can last as many years as amalgam.

If you are near Asheboro, NC area and would like more information on biological dental care, call the team at Virtue Dental Care today to schedule a consultation.

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