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We speak with people daily who are interested in having their silver amalgam fillings removed and replaced with natural looking alternatives. There are many different reasons for this inquiry, some are cosmetic, and some are for health concerns with mercury. Either way, the team at Virtue Dental Care near Siler City, NC can help with safe mercury amalgam filling removal.


If you decide to have your mercury amalgam fillings removed, the most important thing you can do is find a provider who is highly experienced and follows the safe removal protocols published by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. The team at Virtue Dental Care near Siler City, NC follows these strict guidelines and takes the following precautions when removing amalgam fillings.

  • Filtration – We make sure that there is a high-volume air filtration system that eliminates mercury vapor and particles that are released during the removal of mercury fillings.
  • Waste Collection – We utilize a specialized amalgam separator that is used to collect and safely dispose of the amalgam filling waste.
  • Protective attire – We provide protective covers for the patient, staff, and dentist. We also use non-latex gloves, face shields, and head coverings.
  • Alternative air source – The patient is provided with a respiratory max to deliver oxygen so he or she does not inhale mercury vapors or amalgam particles during the procedure.
  • Isolation of the tooth – A rubber dam is placed to protect the patient’s mouth and isolate the tooth that is undergoing mercury filing removal.
  • Safe removal ­process – The mercury amalgam filling is cut into chunks and removed as opposed to traditional dental drilling. Water is used to reduce the heat and a high-speed evacuation unit is used to suction out the waste.


Once the filling is safely removed, it will need to be replaced with an alternative. We use composite resin because it’s a safe, biocompatible material that can be color matched to enamel of the tooth for a natural looking appearance. Unlike amalgam, composite resin does not expand and contract due to changes in temperature, making it a stable material that will strengthen the tooth.

At Virtue Dental Care near Siler City, we are committed to providing safe amalgam removal as part of our holistic dental practice. If you would like to learn more about our methods for safe mercury removal or any of the other services we provide, please book your appointment today by calling (336) 606-0040.

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