Help Your Body Heal With Platelet-rich Fibrin Treatment In Yadkinville, Nc

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Tooth loss is a difficult situation for any patient and can be made more complicated by slow healing and lack of supporting jaw bone. Platelet-rich Fibrin (PRF) therapy can help solve these issues by enabling healing and bone growth from within a person’s own body. Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville, NC, offers PRF treatment as part of their biological approach to dentistry.


PRF Therapy is like a bio-active “band-aid” . Unlike other treatments that use artificial materials, like bovine or cadaver bone graft, PRF therapy uses only your own blood and is placed in the sites where the surgery has taken place so that they can heal. PRF utilizes the natural healing cells of your own body, creating a faster and more efficient network of cells to enhance the healing process, reducing the stress on your body after tooth loss.

PRF offers many benefits to patients after dental surgery. It has a high concentration of your own body’s natural healing proteins and important cells to help your body heal faster and maintain bone. It provides a sustained release of growth factors for 1-4 weeks after surgery and has antibacterial properties as well. The end result is new blood supply, new bone, and faster healing for the patient.


PRF is typically used for patients undergoing dental surgery, such as tooth extraction or dental implants. Dr. Taylor may place PRF in your tooth socket around a dental implant or use it during extraction, or as part of periodontal therapy to encourage gum tissue to heal and reattach to the tooth.

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Mary Katherine Taylor, DDS, ADA, NCDS, AIAOMT

Mary Katherine Taylor, DDS, ADA, NCDS, AIAOMT became interested in dentistry at an early age and volunteered at dental clinics. A student of Starmount High School and Wake Forest University, she earned her dental degree from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. She is passionate about education and prevention: She updates her knowledge with a variety of continuous education courses while teaching patients about caring for and maintaining their teeth for a long, healthy life.