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Yadkinville dentist explains the differences between the Inman Aligner and traditional braces

We all want beautiful, straight smiles but do not always have the time and effort needed to achieve our cosmetic desires. Now, thanks to advancements in dental technology, the Inman Aligner is an option for convenient straightening without metal brackets.

When it comes to your smile, choose a dentist in Yadkinville, NC with personal and professional experience. Dr. William Virtue understands the importance of a beautiful smile. As part of his dedication to his patients and his work, Dr. Virtue tried the Inman Aligner himself and can attest to its success.

How is the Inman Aligner different?

The Inman Aligner is unlike orthodontics using brackets or aligner trays. Instead, the Inman Aligner utilizes two spring-loaded bars that oppose each other. Traditional braces only apply pressure from one side. The Inman Aligner uses pressure from both sides of the teeth to quickly guide the teeth into position. This treatment focuses on straightening the front teeth and correcting issues of crowding, spacing, or misalignment. It does not address issues with bite.

The Inman Aligner offers our patients several benefits over traditional orthodontics:

  • Fast – Most patients achieve optimal results in 6-18 weeks.
  • Removable – The device can easily be taken out for eating, drinking, and participating in daily activities. It must be worn for a total of 16-20 hours each day but can be done according to a patient’s convenience.
  • No brackets – To the untrained eye, the device looks like a retainer.
  • Comfortable – The spring-loaded bars apply gentle pressure to guide the teeth into place.
  • Effective – The Inman Aligner successfully straightens the front teeth quickly.

In addition to general dentistry services, Dr. William Virtue and his friendly team at Virtue Dental Care offer cosmetic and restorative care. Virtue Dental Care Patients call (336) 679-2034 and New Patients call (336) 679-2034 today to schedule your appointment.


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