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Dr. William Virtue, DDS, AGD, FIAOMT, DNM
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Six Month Smiles

Dr. William E. Virtue DDS, NMD, at Virtue Dental Care Six Month Smile Patients who come to our general dentistry practice may be concerned about the beauty of their smiles, and may consider the benefits of orthodontic treatments. However, the idea of undergoing months or years of treatment with metal bracket and wire braces will often keep patients from doing what they need to improve the way they look. Thankfully, dentists are able to help patients with their misaligned, crooked teeth without the assistance of a specialist. Dr. Virtue of Virtue Dental Care of Yadkinville offers two popular orthodontic treatments, including Six Month Braces and Invisalign.

Six Month Braces

Patients who want a fast, easy approach to improving their smiles in about six months can utilize Six Month Braces. While Six Month Braces use brackets and wires to straighten the teeth near the front of the mouth, these are made with clear or tooth-colored wires and brackets to be more discreet. Six Month Smiles can be done quickly due to the fact that it only focuses on the teeth in the front of the mouth, and not the bite or the back molars. Treatment can take from four to nine months, depending on the severity of the misalignment.


Patients who want to readjust their bite and who have a more severe misalignment of their dental arch may instead benefit from Invisalign. Invisalign does not use brackets and wires. Instead, it utilizes clear aligner trays, which are custom-made for the patient. A series of these trays are made, and patients wear each tray for two weeks before trading to the next one in the series. These trays are clear, which makes them a wonderful alternative to traditional braces, and teenagers and adults enjoy using them, as they are much less noticeable than the other options available through dentists and orthodontists.

Both Six Month Braces and Invisalign are affordable and beautiful alternatives to traditional orthodontic treatments, and can be used on both teenagers and adults. Patients who are interested in finding out if these orthodontic treatments are right for them can call Virtue Dental Care today to schedule an initial appointment, examination, and consultation with Dr. Virtue to determine if these are the right treatments for them.

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