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Patient Education

At Virtue Dental Care, we believe in educating our patients to ensure that they understand the benefits of a healthier smile and the consequences of poor oral health care. Our practice is centered on providing biological dentistry, which focuses on how crucial it is to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile, and how it can make drastic, positive changes on a patient’s health and wellbeing, including ones self-esteem and confidence. Patients are given the knowledge they need to make educated decisions regarding their oral health care, and our practice and staff assists patients in obtaining the smile they've always wanted!

The true cost of mercury dental fillings

Mercury is an extremely toxic substance, and mercury dental fillings are a contributing source of environmental pollution. They contaminate the waterways, adding to the elevated levels of mercury in fish. The Concord Group, along with the European environmental consultants, conducted a study that was released by a coalition of environmental, health, and consumer groups highlighting the dangers of mercury fillings. This study showed that although mercury fillings may initially be slightly cheaper to place than tooth colored fillings, they are far more costly to taxpayers once the environmental contamination is considered.

Ten facts about fluoride you likely did not know

Nearly 70 percent of the United States’ public water supply has fluoride added to it. In many cases, people are unaware that the water flowing from their kitchen faucet contains fluoride. They are even less aware of the hazards it presents, or why they should oppose it being added to their water. The top ten reasons water fluoridation should be opposed include:
  • Consent – When fluoride is added to the water supply those who drink the water are denied their right to be informed and consent to taking a medication.
  • Not essential – Fluoride is not essential to your health. Neither humans nor animals need fluoride for biological process. In fact, it can interfere with biological processes in addition to vital cellular constituents. Because of this fluoride can be toxic even in low doses.
  • Children are over exposed to fluoride – Originally it was believed that maybe 10 percent of children in countries with fluoridated water might develop dental fluorosis. Since this began in 1940 the number of children ages 12 to 15 in the United States with dental fluorosis has reached 41 percent. These cases range from mild to severe with more than 10 percent requiring treatment for dental fluorosis.
  • The fluoride found in water supplies is a hazardous by product from fertilizer – International law prevents them from being disposed of in the sea and they have never been subjected to clinical trials to verify if they are safe and effective. Fluoride is classified as an "unapproved drug" by the FDA.
  • Swallowing fluoride may be harmful – Swallowing fluoride has been linked to soft tissue damage such as kidneys, brain, and endocrine system. It has also been shown to be harmful to the teeth, causing dental fluorosis, and the bones, resulting in skeletal fluorosis. Several studies have shown a connection between modest fluoride exposure and children with a reduced IQ. Of the 24 studies that have been conducted at least, two show that the fluoride levels in water may be high enough to result in damage.
  • Fluoride taken internally at best provides little benefit to the teeth – Advocates for fluoride agree that for fluoride to be of benefit to the teeth it must be applied topically, when taken internally it provides little to no benefits.
  • Mothers' breast milk has extremely low levels of fluoride – On average there is only 0.007 ppm of fluoride. Even when nursing mothers are consuming high levels of fluoride, only a small portion is passed on to the child. Babies who are bottle fed in contrast can receive up to 0.7-1.2 ppm of fluoride that is nearly 200 times that of a breast fed baby and can result in dental fluorosis and other damage to the kidneys, brain, and endocrine system.
  • NO controls or monitoring of fluoride levels – After public water has had fluoride added to it, there are no tests to monitor the levels of fluoride in the public that is drinking it. No data is collected regarding adverse effects or accumulated exposure.
  • Some aspects of the population are more vulnerable to the negative effects of fluoride – The elderly, infants, diabetics, along with those who have low calcium or iodine and anyone with kidney disease are vulnerable to the adverse effects of fluoride being added to the water supply. Black and Mexican-Americans are more prone to developing severe forms of dental fluorosis.
  • Low-income families often cannot afford fluoride free alternatives – Bottled water and reverse osmosis are the only way to avoid fluoride when the public water supply has been treated but for those who have limited financial means, this is frequently not an option.

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