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Enhancing smiles and lives with porcelain veneers treatment near Statesville, NC

Virtue Dental Care offers patients near Statesville, NC

Have you been hiding your smile due to cracks, chips, gaps, or stains? Porcelain veneers are a beautiful, natural-looking cosmetic enhancement that corrects a wide variety of teeth imperfections. The versatile solution can help increase your confidence by eliminating the negative effect of damaged teeth. At our dental practice near Statesville, NC, many of our patients choose porcelain veneers when it comes to improving the appearance of their smile. What are porcelain veneers? Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin strips that are placed on the front of damaged or discolored teeth to give them a brand new appearance. Porcelain is a strong … Continue reading

The importance of safe mercury filling removal for patients near Winston Salem, NC

Amalgam fillings containing mercury can be harmful when exposed to the body

If you’ve had a filling filled sometime in your life, changes you are that you have an amalgam filling. For over a century, these silver fillings have been the standard of care for dentists all over the world. Amalgam fillings were originally invented as an alternative to gold fillings because they were long-lasting yet more affordable. At Virtue Dental Care, we provide our patients in the Winston-Salem, NC with safe mercury removal. Following guidelines published by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), we can safely remove these fillings and replace them with natural looking-biocompatible fillings. What’s the … Continue reading

Ozone therapy has many applications in dental care near Charlotte, NC

At Virtue Dental Care, ozone is just one of the ways we help our patients achieve maximum health and wellness

At Virtue Dental Care, we use ozone therapy to aid in tooth restoration for patients near the Charlotte, NC area. There are many benefits and advantages to ozone therapy, including the ability to disinfect the tooth after decay removal, to minimize sensitivity, and sterilize teeth during a root canal procedure. What is ozone? Ozone is an often-misunderstood element. Many people think that it is unhealthy, or a pollutant, which is simply not the case. Ozone is a natural substance (a variation of oxygen) and has many therapeutic uses, including the ability to stimulate a healing response in the body. Ozone … Continue reading

What is mercury safe dentistry near Kernersville, NC?

At Virtue Dental Care, always taking steps to expand our knowledge on mercury-safe and biological dentistry.

Perhaps you’ve heard the terms mercury-safe and mercury-free dentistry, whether in an article online or mentioned by a friend, but do you really know what the difference is between the two and what they mean to a patient? Mercury-safe dentists provide the safe removal of mercury fillings. Mercury-free dentists only place mercury-free alternatives to amalgam. All mercury-safe dentists provide mercury-free services, while not all mercury-free dentists provide safe mercury removal. At Virtue Dental Care near Kernersville, NC, our office is equipped to remove mercury fillings and replace them with safe, biocompatible alternatives such as composite resin. During the removal of … Continue reading

Restoring smiles with biocompatible dentistry near Greensboro, NC

At Virtue Dental care near Greensboro, NC, provide biocompatible restorative dentistry that uses safe materials to ensure dental treatments do not compromise physical or oral health.

Restorative dentistry is re-establishes the health and beauty of the smile after it has sustained some form of damage. Whether there is decay, gum disease, or broken/missing teeth, restorative dentistry can help your smile look as good as new. At Virtue Dental care near Greensboro, NC, we provide biocompatible restorative dentistry that uses safe materials to ensure dental treatments do not compromise physical or oral health. In the following article, we’ll look at some of the common biocompatible restorative treatments that we provide in our Greensboro office. “friendly” dental fillings We practice metal-free dentistry, and we rely on porcelain and … Continue reading

Burlington, NC area dentists discuss the cosmetic dentistry services available in their office

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Burlington NC

At Virtue Dental Care, conveniently located near Burlington, NC we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of dental services. From general dentistry to orthodontic treatment, we make sure we are a full-service provider to our patients. Cosmetic dentistry is one area of expertise that we truly love. Cosmetic dental solutions allow us to improve the appearance of patients’ smiles, which allows them to enjoy greater confidence and often improves their oral health. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that can all be tailored to the unique needs of each patient. We can help whether someone comes to us … Continue reading

Patients near Winston Salem NC ask, “What are dental veneers?”

Porcelain Dental Veneers Near Winston-salem NC

Would you like to see an improvement in your smile? Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as porcelain veneers can conceal imperfections in the teeth to transform the quality of your smile. At Virtue Dental Care near Winston-Salem, NC, our team can amplify the beauty of your smile and increase your confidence with porcelain dental veneers. Porcelain veneers are super thin layers of porcelain that are permanently adhered to the front of teeth. They immediately alter the appearance of the smile and can improve symmetry and harmony amongst facial features. Drs. Virtue and Taylor have artistic eyes and years of combined experience, … Continue reading

Rebuild your smile with porcelain dental veneers near Boonville

For a bright and attractive smile, choose dental veneers with Dr. William Virtue near Boonville, NC.

You can transform your smile quickly by using porcelain veneers. These are ultra-thin shells of high-quality ceramic, which can be attached to the front surfaces of your teeth to cover any stains, discoloration, gaps, chips, or cracks. These cosmetic enhancements are crafted precisely for every patient and are produced using advanced ceramic materials, which are similar in appearance to natural tooth enamel. Due to their resemblance to dental enamel and a range of beneficial features, porcelain veneers are a popular treatment method in cosmetic dentistry. To achieve desirable outcomes, patients should choose an experienced dentist for high quality dental veneers … Continue reading

A dentist near me in Yadkinville explains the benefits of mercury safe dentistry

Patients in Yadkinville seeking a dentist near me that offers mercury safe fillings can contact Virtue Dental Care.

When looking for a new dentist, you want to find someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and has a strong commitment to oral health. At Virtue Dental Care, we are committed to improving the oral health of our patients through safe, conservative measures. One of the biggest things that sets us apart is that as a mercury safe practice in Yadkinville, NC, we are mindful of the materials we use and never place amalgam fillings. What it means to be a mercury safe dental practice In many traditional dental offices, amalgam fillings are used when there is a cavity that … Continue reading

Patients in Yadkinville ask, “What are CEREC onlays and the benefits of this technology?”

CEREC onlays in Yadkinville offer patients many benefits including same day ceramic restorations.

While everyone tries to practice the best oral hygiene possible, the fact remains that sometimes, decay or damage occurs to teeth. Certain dental restorations such as traditional fillings can weaken the tooth and often require replacement. At Virtue Dental care in Yadkinville, we are committed to providing our patients the best dental technology available, which includes same-day tooth restorations such as crowns and onlays. With CEREC, patients can receive a ceramic dental restoration in a single visit, allowing them to be in and out of the office with a brand-new crown or onlay in one day. What is CEREC? Chairside … Continue reading