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The FDA has advised ‘vulnerable’ groups - pregnant and lactating women; women trying to conceive; fetuses, infants and younger kids; those with neurological or kidney issues; and those allergic to mercury – to avoid dental amalgam. We take this advice very seriously. That’s why we consider mercury-free smiles as a priority!
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What ozone dental therapy can do for you in Yadkinville, NC

Ozone Dental Therapy at Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville Area

Drs William Virtue and Mary Katherine Taylor of Virtue Dental Care practice biological dentistry principles, including the use of ozone dental therapy in Yadkinville, NC.

Ozone explained

You may associate “ozone” with the part of the stratosphere that shields the planet from harmful Ultraviolet-B radiation from the sun. Through history, ozone’s numerous beneficial applications here on earth range from food preservation to water treatment. Its roots as a medical therapy can be traced back to the 1800s. So, while ozone as a therapy may be new to you, it has a long track record as an effective and safe healer.

It is often referred to as “energized” or “super” oxygen because ozone is a highly reactive oxygen molecule containing three atoms (O3). Ozone wants to shed that extra atom and return to its stable, two-atom structure. So, when ozone encounters pathogens such as bacteria and fungi, one of those atoms from each molecule attaches to these harmful substances and destroys them. Ozone owes its reputation as a disinfecting powerhouse to this process, known as oxidization.

How we use oxygen

Ozone may be used for a variety of dental procedures. We use ozone gas, as well as ozonated water and ozonated oil. When in the qualified hands of Drs Virtue and Taylor, ozone may be applied safely with custom-made handpieces, trays, or dental instruments. Here are just a few of the ways that we use ozone at our office:

  • tooth decay treatment – Gas may be delivered to disinfect areas of decay or cavities.
  • gum disease treatment – Ozone gas or ozonated water may be applied to the pockets that form between the gums and teeth. We can even put ozonated oil on dental tools to remove the calculus that inflames gum tissue.
  • root canal therapy – Ozone gas and ozonated water can resolve deep decay by disinfecting the dentin tubules and nerve canals inside of the tooth. Instruments lubricated with ozonated oil minimize bacteria.
  • Surgery – For patients undergoing surgical procedures such as tooth extractions, the surgical site may be irrigated with ozonated water. Additionally, gas may be delivered to the soft tissues around the extraction site, which helps to minimize the risk of infection and post-surgical discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.
  • Treatment of bone lesions – Cavitations and necrotizing tissue get a circulatory boost with ozone gas that also promotes natural healing and immune response.
Virtue Dental Care Patients: (336) 679-2034 | New Patients: (336) 606-0040
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Ozone therapy is gentle, appropriate for younger and older patients alike, and its therapeutic effects are well-established. You too can benefit from ozone’s many applications at Virtue Dental Care. Call (336) 606-0040 to schedule an appointment.


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Dr. Virtue and all his staff are wonderful! I have always gotten great care and have always be treated kindly by everyone there!! I highly recommend Dr. Virtue to anyone who has ever had a bad experience or who has a fear of dentist because he will wipe all of that away with one visit!! I know because I used to be someone who was afraid to go to a dentist due to bad experiences until Dr.Virtue!! Dr. Virtue and his staff make you feel at home and when you walk into his office it feels like you're going to visit good friends instead of going to see the dentist!!! They never make you feel like you are a bad person if you can't get dental care on time and work with you to make sure that you can get the care you need as soon as possible!! Can't say enough great things about them!! Thanks Dr. Virtue and staff for all the wonderful care you have given me over the years!!
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Virtue Dental Care is committed to ensuring that Yadkinville, NC patients have healthy teeth and healthy bodies. We follow biological dentistry principles, offering general, cosmetic, and mercury-free dentistry. The latest techniques and technologies, personalized care, and a comfortable and environmentally responsible practice are our hallmarks.

Our office was established in 1979 by Dr. William Virtue, DDS, AGD, FIAOMT, DNM, who was trained in dentistry at Indiana University. His achievements include Past President of the IAOMT and Forum for Contemporary Dental Esthetics. Dr. Mary Katherine Taylor, DDS, ADA, NCDS, AIAOMT graduated from Wake Forest University and earned her dental degree from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. Both of our doctors go above and beyond in continuing education to provide top service to our patients.