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North Carolina residents wonder if there are side effects to NuCalm for relaxation dentistry

Dr. Virtue William at Virtue Dental Care North Carolina explains whether there are side effects to NuCalm for relaxation dentistry.

Fear of the dentist can keep patients from seeking dental care. Different forms of sedation are available to help ease anxiety about dental treatments. Now, NuCalm is available for a natural form of relaxation dentistry. Located in Yadkinville, North Carolina, Dr. William Virtue of Virtue Dental Care offers NuCalm to patients with dental fears. The lack of side effects makes it a popular option. What is NuCalm? NuCalm is a form of relaxation dentistry. Rather than using drugs to reduce anxieties, NuCalm uses the brain’s internal mechanisms to create a feeling of serenity. It uses supplements, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, calming … Continue reading

Weigh long-term cost of untreated conditions against expense of NuCalm in Yadkinville, NC

Five to 30 percent of the population has some level of dental fear. It ranges from anxiety where most dental visits are avoided, to a full-blown phobia where you may end up in the ER with a nasty infection before you would go to the dentist. Good health is priceless, and there are hefty price tags attached to dental conditions left untreated because of crippling fear. Consider the cost to repair a badly decayed tooth and restore it with a crown. The American Dental Association reports the average root canal procedure on a back tooth costs more than $900. This excludes … Continue reading