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Holistic dentist in Statesville area addresses concerns over cost of dentures

It’s hard to put a dollar figure on the satisfaction you get from enjoying your favorite foods, or the confidence that comes with looking as youthful and vibrant as you feel. Dr. Virtue understands the cost dentures in Statesville, Yadkinville, and the surrounding area is a concern. With a variety of payment options, a beautiful and healthy smile is not exclusive to patients in certain income brackets!

Freedom of choice to suit every budget

After consulting with you and examining your mouth, Dr. Virtue will determine the best tooth replacement option to meet your needs and preferences. Virtue Dental Care offers full and partial traditional or implant-supported dentures.

The dental team will discuss any concerns you may have about the cost of your preferred option. Like a lot of investments, it’s important to weigh the cost against the returns. Implant-supported dentures generally cost more than conventional removable dentures upfront, but over the longer term may save you time and money as well as the hassle of relining or adjusting for proper fit. Since fixed dentures are designed like natural teeth, with the implant serving as the tooth’s root, you can expect to use your new teeth without complications for many years to come, if you care for these teeth properly. Dentures that fit in your mouth like natural teeth also promote bone strength.

Payment choices to assure your financial wellness

As a holistic practice, Virtue Dental Care wants you to be well in all arenas of your life. Costs should not cause stress over replacing decayed or missing teeth. Generally, dentures are “medically necessary” in the eyes of insurance companies. A portion of dentures treatment may be covered by your insurance. Any outstanding costs can be stretched over many months with financing options like CareCredit. Schedule a consultation. Virtue Dental Care Patients call (336) 679-2034 and New Patients call (336) 679-2034.


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