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If you ask, “Are there holistic dental offices near me in Yadkinville?” we are the answer

When Exploring “Are there holistic dental offices near me in Yadkinville?” consider visiting Virtue Dental Care for biological and comprehensive services, and advanced technologies and techniques that aren’t available at every office marketed as “holistic.”

For your long-term health

Virtue Dental Care understands mercury is released at even higher levels when amalgam is removed. The dental team follows the IAOMT safe mercury amalgam removal technique to reduce adverse effects of mercury exposure to you, the staff, and the environment.

Acknowledging that oral health is about more than healthy teeth and gums, the team offers comprehensive services. Gum inflammation is linked to an increased risk of conditions that affect other parts of the body such as your cardiovascular system. Proactive periodontal therapies, and innovative calming techniques like NuCalm are at the heart of Virtue Dental Care, preventing those conditions from developing in the first place, or from getting worse.

For a pleasant experience

Many dentists offer a range of restorative options such as porcelain veneers and non-metal crowns, but Virtue Dental Care prepares, designs, makes, and places new teeth or tooth structure in a single appointment with CEREC technology. Likewise, other practices may offer cosmetic orthodontics like Invisalign or conventional braces featuring tooth-colored brackets and wires, but Dr. Virtue also offers Inman Aligners. The doctor successfully straightened his teeth with the aligner before introducing this hybrid alternative to traditional braces and Invisalign to patients.

How can the dental team help you? Visit the Yadkinville office. Call (336) 679-2034 today for scheduling.


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