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The FDA has advised ‘vulnerable’ groups - pregnant and lactating women; women trying to conceive; fetuses, infants and younger kids; those with neurological or kidney issues; and those allergic to mercury – to avoid dental amalgam. We take this advice very seriously. That’s why we consider mercury-free smiles as a priority!
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Dental injuries that may require reconstruction in Yadkinville, NC

There are many different reasons someone may experience trauma to the teeth. Car accidents, sports injuries, and falls can all end up in injury that requires dental care. In addition, decay and disease can also leave teeth susceptible to fractures. Regardless of the reason, at Virtue Dental Care, we can help patients who are dealing with broken or loosened teeth.

When an injury occurs, patients should evaluate the situation. If you are suffering significant head or neck trauma, it is important to seek medical attention at the hospital. Patients with injuries that don’t have accompanying head or neck trauma can be evaluated in our office. To reduce any pain or swelling near the injured site, patients can use ice packs.

Tooth Fractures

Tooth fractures can range in severity, from minor (chips on the outer layers) to severe (injury involving the root). In most cases, we will need to perform x-rays to determine the severity of your tooth fracture.

If the dentin and tooth pulp are both exposed, immediate attention is required. If the tooth is loose, we may have to bond it to nearby teeth to help create a splint while the surrounding tissue heals.

Chipped Teeth

If only the enamel is chipped, the risk to injury of the pulp is small. If you cannot get to the dentist right away, you can place a small piece of sugarless gum over any rough edges to keep the cheek and tongue from being irritated or cut. Treatment for chipped teeth usually involves bonding or a dental crown, which can restore the functionality and appearance of the tooth.

If the teeth are chipped through the enamel and into the dentin, patients may experience sensitivity to hot or cold. The exposure of dentin to potentially harmful bacteria puts the tooth at risk for pulp infection or abscess. It is important to receive prompt treatment for these types of injuries. Treatment will involve a dental filling along with a crown. Follow-ups may be necessary to make sure the pulp has not died.

Dental injuries can be painful or traumatic, but with an experienced dentist like Dr. Virtue, you can have beauty and function restored to your mouth in no time. Call us today to learn more about our reconstruction dental services. Our office is located at 301 East Lee Avenue, Yadkinville, NC 27055.


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