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Rating: 5 Dermatologist Walnut Creek - Five Star Reviews By James W.
Dr. William E. Virtue DDS, FIAOMT, NMD
I have been going to Dr. Virtue's dental office for many years after going to many other dentists in the area with no sucess. This practice is the TOTAL EXPERIENCE! From the time in walk in until you walk out you feel that not only are you in the best hands but that you are among experienced, caring friends. Not only do they care about their patients but about each other and it is apparent from the first visit. If you are looking for a dentist I strongly recommend Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville. It is worth trying. Bet you can't just go one time!
Reviewed by maple885
Word of mouth is important in our practice. We have helped many patients and families in achieving optimum dental health. Here are a few statements from past and present patients who have enjoyed their treatments from Virtue Dental Care.

Five Star Review By Sydney C I went to Dr. Virtue for removal of mercury fillings and replacement with composite filling due to mercury toxicity. I normally get my dental care at the VA Hospital in Durham and Dr. Virtue's equipment, techniques and knowledge makes them look like a complete joke. After just the first half of my cleaning/amalgam removal there about a month ago I was talking to a neighbor lady and she said she had never noticed how straight and white my teeth were before. They take every precaution you could ask for when removing the toxic mercury fillings and everyone I have encountered there are very cordial and professional. They even gave me some Vitamin C packets and a bag full of dental stuff. Even though I can get free dental care at the VA I think I will continue to go to Dr. Virtue. He is that good of a Dentist and I think a very nice and caring person, along with the rest of his staff.

Joseph D.
Five Star Review By Sydney C I was thrilled to finally find a mercury-free, mercury-safe, biological dentist to help me get my amalgams removed safely! The office was wonderful, the staff was super friendly, the dentist was really good. I have never been so happy to go to the dentist! When Dr. Virtue numbed my mouth, I couldn't even feel the needle! The atmosphere was so calm that I almost fell asleep in the chair a couple times! (: I cannot recommend Dr. Virtue and his practice enough!

Melody W.
Five Star Review By Sydney C Just had my teeth cleaned. It was a wonderful experience. Shannon was very helpful in advising me on what work I should do next and in what sequence. Knowledge is power and I so appreciate the time she spent to answer my questions and inform me. So glad I found Virtue!

Denise A.
Five Star Review By Sydney C It is a pleasure to come to Dr. Virtue's office. They have created a welcoming, warm and kind atmosphere. Caring and thoughtful staff; efficient, yet without rushing procedures, and professional service. I am very glad to have found this wonderful dentist, and would recommend it to others. Many Thanks!

Irene L.
Five Star Review By Sydney C Dr.Virtue and his staff are truly wonderful. I have never had a bad experience. This is the only dentist office I have ever been to, and I do not plan on moving elsewhere. They are always very professional and have open arms.

Sydney C.
Five Star Review By Carmen W Dr. Virtue and staff are through and concerned about your dental health. I love how they make your visit a relaxing experience. Very happy with all of the staff from making an appointment, to the visit and then check-out.

Carmen W
Hamptonville, NC
Five Star Review By Vickie Matthews I have been seeing Dr. Virtue for several years and he and his staff takes excellent care of me. Love them all.

Vickie Matthews
East Bend, NC
Five Star Review By Jean W I absolutely love the staff in the office. Shannon is amazing!!!

Jean W
Mocksville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Tim S. Staff are always so friendly and have a great sense of customer service. Dr. Virtue's holistic approach instills confidence in me.

Tim S.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Lib M. I've had a lot of work on my teeth in hopes of saving them. I've also had many problems getting my dentures and gums to feel just right. I'm over 70 years old and was reluctant to change my dentist. However, my son insisted, I would love Dr. Virtue. He was right. I've discovered a world of difference in both my comfort and his expertise.

Lib M.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Heide G. Dr. Virtue is an amazing Dentist, he's incredibly knowledgeable, and I love his personality. He genuinely cares about his patients, and it shows. I drive all of the way from Charlotte for my dental care, because he's just that good. His staff is also top-notched and very kind and attentive. There is not a single contact point in the office that is a weak link. Everyone that you work with is just as kind and thoughtful. Dr. Virtue is the best!!!

Heide G.
Charlotte, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Jean S.Excellent service.

Jean S.
Jonesville, N. C.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Danita D.Dr. Virtue is a good dentist and his staff is the best. Dr. Virtue has been my dentist for 31 years. I trust his office with my family, my girls wouldn't go anywhere else. This office is like family.

Danita D.
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Nathan S. This is a great dentist office. Dr. Virtue and his staff really care about their patients. They have the latest technology so if Dr. Virtue says you need some dental work done they can show you what is wrong and not just tell you. He also does other services besides just cleanings, fillings, caps, etc... he also does 6 months smiles and if you are having trouble with or just want those silver fillings (which are mercury fillings, yes I said mercury fillings ) replaced, then Dr. Virtue is the one to see. He has the training to remove those fillings safely. I have had a few procedures done by Dr. Virtue and the night of the procedure he called my house to check on me, I have never had a dentist do that before. My family has been going to Virtue Dental Care for a few years now and I have never had any problems with them. I highly recommend Virtue Dental Care!

Crystal B.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Nathan S. I have been going here for years. Excellent staff. If you have any fear of the dentist go here!

Chris Vestal
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Nathan S.Very friendly staff and has always been on time with appointments. love my hygienist, she's awesome.

Nathan S.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Adrienne D.Great...always a comfortable experience.

Adrienne D.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Mitch P.Great experience, very quick and easy.

Mitch P.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Spencer A.I like having Shannon as my tooth cleaner. She's funny, pretty, and I like that we are good friends outside of her profession.

Spencer A.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By Priscilla L.I have been a patient of Dr. Virtue for the past four years and have had the best dental care in my life. His staff is top notch and caring. I do not dread going to the dentist any more. I highly recommend his practice to anyone searching for dental care.

Priscilla L.
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review By MarinaI had problems with my teeth since childhood and over the years spent quite a bit of time in dentist chairs. As I had to travel a lot, I have been treated by dentists in different parts of US and Europe. A few years ago we moved to Charlotte, NC and - through several days of research on dentists in the area - I found doctor Virtue. I have to say, hands down, he is the best dentist I have ever worked with.

From the start I have been impressed with Dr Virtue's knowledge and experience. His manner was most kind and caring, and before I knew it, the procedure I was dreading was over with no pain or discomfort in the process. That evening I received a call from Dr Virtue - to make sure I was feeling well. Now my husband is Dr Virtue's patient too, and we don't mind driving for over an hour each way to see him – yes, he is that good!

Dr Vritue's staff is a group of absolutely wonderful people who feel more like a family now (Thank you, Melinda, Terry, Julia!).

Last but not least: in all the times I had dental procedures performed by Dr Virtue, not once did I experience any pain or discomfort. What can I say – we are very fortunate to have found Dr. Virtue!

Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewGreat dentist and services! Very comfortable setting, very mature, meticulous, and caring staff. Both my mother and I were very happy with everything they did and loved their serious, studious research into, and recognition of, the hazards of mercury (amalgam) fillings as well as fluoride containing products (they don't use either). Highly recommended - even if you have to drive a bit to get to them as we did.

Brian Haring
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewLove what you bring to the community! Best wishes for continued success!

Debbie Zafiropoulos
Testimonials Yadkinville - Dr. Virtue reviewed by Maude Davis Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewWhen I first came to Dr. Virtue’s office I really wanted to have my smile back. I’ve been very happy with the results of my dental work! I’m able to eat better now and I got my smile back.

Maude Davis
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI searched the world over and found Dr. Virtue. I started my rework of getting rid of the mercury that I had for years, in July 2014 and finished up October 2014. My teeth were really bad, the mercury had cracked all my molars. So therefore I had to have onlays done on all my jaw teeth, they look really natural. After my first visit with Dr. Virtue, I started feeling better, a lot of energy, sleep better at night. I am so thankful for everyone in the office, everyone is so helpful and very professional and of course, most of all Dr. Virtue. Now I have a beautiful smile.

Connie Gray
Ararat, VA
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI very much enjoy coming to Virtue Dental Care. I have been coming here since I grew out of pediatric dentistry and have always been treated like family. I was very pleased to actually begin getting my teeth cleaned by my own family members, Shannon, when she joined Virtue Dental Care. She, as well as all the staff I have dealt with has always been so nice and helpful. I enjoy getting to talk and catch up with Shannon as I am getting my teeth cleaned. I definitely will be with Virtue Dental Care for years to come!

Thank you

Courtney Trivette
Testimonials Yadkinville - Dr. Virtue reviewed by Edna Money Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDoctor Virtue is the Best!!!!!! Before my husband came here, he was very self-conscious about his smile and did not smile a lot. After all his work he was constantly smiling and had a beautiful smile. My husband had encouraged me to come to Dr. Virtue’s office. Dr. Virtue called us both after work was done to check up on us, and that really impressed me. I’ll be here as long as he is.

Edna Money
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewThank you to Dr. Virtue and his staff for their attention to comfort, and professional care in removing all the old mercury fillings from my teeth.

Margie Willard
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewShortly after we moved to Mocksville, North Carolina I broke a tooth at dinner one evening and knew I would need to have it crowned. We began looking into finding a new dentist closer to home when we heard a radio commercial about a dentist in Yadkinville who had a new procedure for crowning a tooth in only one visit and could be completed in about an hour. That dentist was Dr. William Virtue. We called and found that the cost was approximately the same as other dentist who still used the old process which involved a temporary crown and a waiting period of two to three weeks for the permanent crown to be made. We made an appointment, and as promised I had a new crown within an hour.

We found Dr. Virtue to be a very competent and professional dentist who made us feel right at home from the moment we met him. He makes his patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible as one can feel during a visit to the dentist.Needless to say, we have continued to use Virtue Dental Care for all our dental needs.

Dr. Virtue and his entire staff of hygienists and dental assistants are very professional and courteous, and make you feel like you are going to visit friends rather than a dentist. We can’t think of a better place to have our dental needs cared for. Our thanks to all of you!

Doyle and Lynda Seymour
Testimonials Yadkinville - Linda Pardue Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI want to say thanks to ALL of you for your many years of service to my two sons and me for so many years. I guess I am sort of "grandfathered" in as a permanent fixture, where Doc and Twinkle go, so do I. I have been with Doc through many changes in his staff, but I truly feel that he now has the BEST staff ever. Melinda is about as good as they get. I can meet those girls at Walmart or the grocery store or wherever and they always say hello.

My family started with Doc when he was in Winston-Salem when Ryan, my oldest son at age 3 first saw him, Doc was so good with him. That was 31 years ago. I would never consider seeing another dentist, no way! Gosh Doc can't retire, what will I do? Several years ago I worked for a company in Winston-Salem and was told that I needed to go to a dentist in Winston so that I would not miss work. I stood my ground and said NO way and I never changed. They got mad at me but that's ok. They got over it and I continued coming to see Doc.

You feel welcome when you walk in the door. Everyone calls you by name and smiles. That is so important. Doc never fails to ask me about my sons and is always interested in what's going on with us. He is the most caring doctor anyone could ask for and he makes the procedure as painless as possible.

Linda Pardue
Hamptonville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Chester Godfrey Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewWhen I first came in as a new patient, I appreciated the thoroughness of the questionnaire. It made me think about what I really wanted for my teeth. When I decided to pretty much "overhaul" my entire smile, I was impressed that Doc set aside a whole day just to take care of me. The entire staff was courteous, competent and professional during my entire dental experience. The best benefit of all was "doubling my dating ratio" all because of my new smile!

Chester Godfrey
Statesville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a very satisfied patient with the care and treatment I received from Dr. Virtue and his staff. They are all very caring, friendly and professional.

I had a filling that troubled me for many years and was re-done by several dentists, but never to my complete satisfaction. On my first visit, Dr. Virtue repaired it in a way that it never gave me trouble since.

The hygienists are very experienced as well. At the many dental offices I have visited over the years, I mark Dr. Virtue and his staff A+ – top of the list.

Maurice Cropps
Dobson, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Mickey Boyles Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewWhen I first came to Dr. Virtue's office, I did not know what to expect. I have always wanted great teeth. However, I have been very apprehensive of dentists because of a bad experience as a child.

Now in my adult years, the entire staff at Dr. Virtue's office makes me feel at ease. The painless dental work is fantastic!

I now look forward to coming to the dentist and love what the staff has done for my self-confidence and my teeth!

Mickey Boyles
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Ann Crews Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewThank you for giving me my smile back. When we first started there was a lot of restoration work that was needed. It has now been more than ten years and I still appreciate the caring, professional manners in how everyone treats their patients.

Thanks again for the "smile!"

Ann Crews
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Kay Southern Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI've been coming here for 23 years. The staff is very caring and makes you calm. I got my veneers 4 years ago and love them. Very good job!

Kay Southern
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient of Doctor Virtue and his family of professionals for more years than they would like me to state! They are always professional and ahead of the 'curve' in their field. I have never had a reason to think of changing from their fine staff.

Bud Kiger
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewWe have been together for almost 20 years. Do you think we love it here- "Yes we do!" My husband will never have anyone give him a shot but Dr. Virtue. The girls are wonderful and nobody is better!

Gene & Carol Seeber
Advance, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Cornelia Groce Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been coming to Dr. Virtue for many years. Dr. Virtue and the staff are always kind, courteous, and very professional. They make coming to the dentist a much more enjoyable experience.

Cornelia Groce
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Helen Haire Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI am a professional graduate gemologist and certified appraiser. My appearance is very important. Over the years Dr. Bill Virtue has maintained my oral health and simply thrilled me with the enhancement of my center mid line which was off center more than 3mm. You would simply have to see the difference! I also have two retail markets that require a professional appearance.

Most of all I am thankful for the removal of my amalgam “fillings” my overall health has improved 100%! Never miss your dental appointments and always listen to your health provider.

Helen Haire
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient of Dr. Virtue for almost twenty five years. During that time he has worked with my dental problems and basically restored my entire mouth. The staff feels like family and is always there for my many needs. I appreciate the staff and Dr. Virtue for all their help.

Hester Mendenhall
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Kay Byrd Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewWhat a pleasure it is to have dental work done by professional, knowledgeable, friendly caring health-conscious people. They always demonstrate concern and interest in their patients. The warm friendly atmosphere here at Dr. Virtue's Dental Practice is like coming home to those who care about you. Since becoming a patient here, I actually look forward to instead of dreading a dental visit.

Kay Byrd
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Linda Felker Ph.D. Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDr. Virtue and staff are genuine, sincere and an awesome group of people. They are truly compassionate and care about my comfort. Dr. Virtue transformed not only my dental issues, but as well my perception of what a great dental experience should be. Thank you so much.

Linda Felker Ph.D.
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Tommie J. Davis Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star Review"A smile is such a simple thing. And yet, in its own way, it is a gift that is given from the heart within."

I would like to thank Dr. Virtue and all his staff for helping me keep a smile that I love sharing with my loved ones and strangers alike.

I enjoy coming in for my check-ups because Dr. Virtue and his staff are always so nice. And of course, they make me "smile".

Tommie J. Davis
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Shirley Freeland-Winebarger Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewWhen I was growing up in Yadkinville, I was unable to visit the dentist on a regular basis due to family finances. Consequently, when I first came to Dr. Virtue's Office, I was in dire need of extensive dental work. Everyone involved in my care has helped me to work through my fears of dental procedures. Many of the staff that I met on my first visit to the office are still working side by side with Dr. Virtue today. Because of the professionalism and the personalism of Doc and his staff, I have now entrusted my dental care to them for over 20 years. A special thanks to Melinda who has meticulously managed my appointments and insurance fillings, Twinkle for my ongoing dental hygiene care and Terry for assisting Doc while providing reassurance to me during procedures. Lastly, thank you to Dr. Virtue for your "chairside" humor and impeccable dental care.

Shirley Freeland-Winebarger
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient of Doc's since I was a junior in High School. His staff is very friendly, helpful, and goes that extra mile for the patients.

Michelle North
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI've been coming to see Doc and his brilliant staff since we both had black hair, since he had the small office downtown and all he had to work with was a kerosene lamp and a hammer and chisel and anesthesia was a shot of red eye and a piece of rawhide to chew on. Now over 30 years later I've got better teeth than I did back when Nixon was president. I drive past 20 other dentist just to come to an office that feels like home (for a dentist office anyway), everyone calls me by name and seem to be glad to see me. I must be one of his oldest patient's, and for a good reason because I'm not one to patronize any business more than once if I don't feel like I've been treated right. Over this time I've never had to call Doc after hours at 4am or such, but, he's always told me I could and I always knew he meant it. I never have to sit forever in the waiting room and I appreciate the way Doc and his brilliant and beautiful staff have always kept up with the latest technology in dentistry, making visits as quick and comfortable as possible. It sure ain’t the way it used to be and I'm glad of it, and I’m glad to have found a dentist that I almost enjoy going to.

Rick Pardue
State Road, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Sandra Henstock Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewImagine my disbelief when I found myself laughing in a dentist's office. I am a person that had to build up the courage to even call for an appointment. Dr. Virtue and the girls are the best, they make you feel relaxed and comfortable the minute you walk in. During your procedure (cleaning, fillings, etc.) the massage cushion, neck wrap, eye pillow, and TV, just continue the comfort level. They all are the BEST! I hope they are always here FOREVER!

Sandra Henstock
Boonville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient here for almost 20 years. The fact that the staff and doctor are committed to not just my dental but overall health, keeps me coming back. The staff keeps up with current training and innovative techniques and that is very important to me.

Wayne Dixon
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Sat Kaur Khalsa Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI love Dr. Virtue's staff and Dr. Virtue. They have always been so courteous and accommodating. I really like that the same staff has been with Dr. Virtue for years and years. That says it all.

I have referred many new patients to Dr. Virtue because I trust him and his staff will always treat them well.

Sat Kaur Khalsa
Hamptonville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewAwakening at 4am and driving 232 miles through pre-dawn fog and paying $35 is something parents will do if their daughter has to play at a 9am soccer tournament or if their son has a 9am baseball game. I recently made that journey so that I could make a dentist appointment, and you would too if your dentist was Dr. William Virtue.

He has been my dentist for 15 years, and my teeth were a mess the first time we met. Worse than that, previous experiences in my childhood had left me with high anxiety about having to undergo any kinds of dental work, even a cleaning. But Dr. Virtue has been a godsend from the first appointment. Pain-free treatments are routine, and I have confidence in him that he will do a thorough and gentle job using the latest technology. He and his staff – I often see Melinda, the kind and informed office manager, and Daphne, the dental hygentist – welcome me like an old friend whenever I have an appointment. Sometimes the visits are too short to catch up on recent events, and the visits are becoming shorter and shorter because of the previous excellent work performed by Dr. Virtue.

Michael Paul
Shallotte, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewThanks Doc and everyone in your office for improving not only my dental but overall health! Since I had the mercury removed I feel like a different person. I used to ache in my jaws and neck as well as my teeth and now that is gone! I feel better and have much more energy! Thank you again for your excellent care! I also appreciate how nice you and everyone in your office is. I have never been anywhere as great as here! The dental work is terrific and the atmosphere is just as great. That says it all!

Donna Griffin
Walnut Cove, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI was so anxious when I arrived for my appointment. The staff at Virtue Dental Care immediately noticed and made accommodations to put me at ease and make my appointments a pleasant experience.

Thanks so much!
Leigh Michalofsky
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI just wanted to say “Thank You” for your care of me and my teeth! It is so nice not to hurt anymore. My teeth feel great! It’s also great to not have any mercury in my mouth and system anymore. I love the natural look of all my teeth again. It’s been a long time. It’s worth the drive!

Thank You
Colleen Crosby
Moravian Falls, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewSo wonderful to find an office that everybody cares about your dental care across the board. I need to know my welfare is in good hands, no fear, just a feeling of confidence that I’m getting the best care possible.

Thank, keep it up for us Doc – and all the girls.

Mary Pitts
Mocksville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI always dreaded going to the dentist. Now I look forward to the experience. The staff is good at making you feel welcome and they create a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Virtue is always friendly and the service and quality of work is excellent.

Eddie Wooten
East Bend, NC

Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewMy husband and I have been going to Dr. Virtue for over 25 years. He made the only lower partial I have been able to wear. After all these years, I am still wearing this partial. My husband and I think he is the best!

Robert & Betty Campbell
Harmony, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been coming to Dr. Virtue for several years. He replaced my old fillings about 10 years ago and they are still looking good! The staff is great! If you want good dental care, this is the place to be!

Pam Davis
Boonville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewThe staff at Dr. Virtue’s office is always very pleasant, courteous and professional. They have made my visits comfortable and enjoyable. I am extremely pleased with the quality of their work.

Janet Neubaum
Clemmons, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased I was with my overall experience at Virtue Dental Care. I cannot say enough about the staff that I came in contact with during my visits there. Everyone was very attentive and pleasant. You have taken extra care to see that the facility is nicely decorated, inviting and comfortable. I especially liked the back massager and the eye pillows. During one of my visits, I was so relaxed that I actually dozed off during the procedure! Of course, that could probably also be attributed to the laughing gas, I’m sure! I also think the flower is a nice personal touch. Overall, my experience was most pleasant and a far cry from my past experiences elsewhere. Oh, and I am so happy with my mercury-free mouth! Thank you!

Diane Hartman
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI feel I'm very lucky to have had the same dentist for almost 27 years. Dr. Virtue has always done a good job for me, I’m very pleased with his work and the staff is just great!

Frankie Harris
Hamptonville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been coming to Dr. Virtue for over 5 years now. I have always gotten excellent care. He has been there to help with the routine things as well as the emergencies. The hygienists have been gentle and caring also.

Linda Ryland
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewYadkin County is fortunate to have a professional dentist such as Dr. William Virtue. He and his longtime staff are dedicated, caring, and truly like their profession and each other.

My dentist retired and Dr. Virtue was recommended for my husband, daughter, and me. We’ve been life long satisfied patients. He’s up on the latest dentistry and he is state of art equipment. The staff is knowledgeable and efficient. Through the years he has done braces, retainers, crowns, veneers, fillings, and the girls have cleaned and polished. My daughter is 35 and never had a cavity. Now I’m in my “Golden Years” he’s still looking after me. We began in 1982 and plan to spend a lifetime with him. I recommend him highly. Dr. Virtue makes me proud to smile again. Thanks!

Velma Shugart
Hamptonville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDuring the more than 25 years I have been coming to Dr. Virtue for dental care, he has faced with some major challenges in dealing with my dental problems. But he always had the perfect solution and as a result I still have most of my teeth. I have watched “the girls” grow, get married, have children, and grand children. My visits are always a pleasure and I always enjoy seeing everyone!!

Eva R. Miller
Pfafftown, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI was always terrified of the dentist until Dr. Virtue. I made my first visit for an exam and ended up I needed a root canal. I was afraid to tell him I was afraid it would hurt but it ended up there was no pain and I would never go to anyone else. That was two and a half years ago. I always tell everyone how wonderful it is not to dread going to the dentist.

Brenda Fowler
East Bend, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient here since 1988. Doc has always done a good job for me. He also has a wonderful staff. I would recommend this group to anyone who is looking for a great dental office.

Grant Trivette
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDr. Virtue and all of his staff have been outstanding. They are wonderful to work with and very confident in the knowledge of dentistry. After being diagnosed with mercury intoxication, I came to this office for treatment of numerous mercury-silver fillings that were older and breaking down. Dr. Virtue gave a clear treatment plan and he and his staff executed outstanding treatment replacing all my fillings, protecting me from mercury vapor in the process and protecting themselves from mercury vapor as well. My health has improved greatly with their treatment as well as the treatment of a metal toxicology specialist. As a retired critical care nurse I have been highly impressed with all of Dr. Virtue’s office for their work and caring about their patients.

Jan C. Kiefer RN
Davidson County, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewWe have been coming here for about eighteen years, and we are will satisfied with the service and staff. Thanks for the great dental care.

Jean and Denis Bowen
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI started with Dr. Virtue in October of 1981 which means I was one of his first patients. I continue to come here for my dental care because I find Dr. Virtue and his staff extremely courteous and professional and the location of the office is convenient.

Jerry Eller
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDr. Virtue and his wonderful team of professionals have preformed extensive work on my teeth. Each cleaning, filling, and crown has been done with absolutely no pain and everyone made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Virtue was able to put me at ease from he beginning (that was no small task) and I soon realized what an expert he is in his field. Daphne made cleanings and checkups a pleasure and she is absolutely great. Melinda has always been extremely helpful and kind, and puts you at ease from the moment you arrive at the office. Almost everyone on this team has helped me at some point and I trust them all. I have not dreaded a visit since I became a patient and plan to continue maintaining the wonderful work they have done. I feel so lucky to have found them.

Karen Long
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI am so happy with my dental work. I really need to stop making my friends and family look. They are tired of it, but I love it.

Kathy Reynolds
East Bend, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient of Dr. Virtue’s for sometime. Dr. Virtue and his staff do all they can to make me comfortable in the chair. They give me oxygen also, if I need it. All of the work they have done including crowns, fillings, etc. have stayed, because they use the latest procedures. A crown can be done in one visit, which is nice, you don’t have to go the second time. The same Hygienist, does my cleaning and x-rays, when I go for a check-up, she does a good job. I’m 71, and hope to continue going to them as long as I can. When you leave you get a lovely carnation; also a toothbrush and other things! They are all friendly and nice to me.

Margaret Love
East Bend, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI am one who had put off looking for a new dentist, and then it reached the point where I was embarrassed because it had been so many years, so a few more years went by, and then…

One day I was listening to the radio when Dr. Virtue spent some time talking about his practice and his staff. Before moving to NC I had an excellent dentist, and had not found anyone here that quite measured up.

What encouraged me to try Dr. Virtue was the fact that his staff had all been with him for so many years, and that they attended seminars and kept up with state of the art procedures and techniques. What a treat to have a crown done in one sitting!

I am so thankful that I picked up the phone 3 years ago. I have never had a nervous moment, because I have such confidence and trust in these skilled professionals.

I once asked Melinda if they were piping nitrous oxide into the waiting room, as from the very first moment I walk in I’m always completely at ease.

Patricia Hoffmann
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been coming to Dr.Virtue’s office for over 15 years and have always been pleased with the care I have received. But I was really impressed when one Easter Friday I had an accident falling 9 feet from a balcony, damaging my front teeth. This was a holiday weekend; however, Dr. Virtue opened his office and took me in. he temporary recapped one tooth and examined all the damage. He called to check on me at home the entire weekend. Over the next few weeks Dr. Virtue and his staff continued to work on my teeth and repairs.

I now have beautiful teeth and get lots of compliments from many people.

Thank you Dr. Virtue, and your staff for enabling me to have a wonderful smile and going the extra mile to help even on a holiday.

Wendy Triplett
Jonesville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI came to see Dr. Virtue for a broken tooth and I ask about removing my mercury. I’m so thankful to say it was a very pleasant experience. He worked on all sides of my mouth. To my unexpected delight, my painful sinus problems completely cleared up after having the mercury removed. My sinus’s had hurt even into my ears for years and also down into my neck. After the mercury was removed my sinus problems are completely gone. I feel better and my mouth looks better. Thank you so much!

Melva Hutchens
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI am a big fan of Dr. Virtue and his staff. Words like: professionalism, thoroughness, accommodating and friendly, all keep me driving back from Statesville to “my dentist”. Well done as always and keep it up!

Bill Brater
Statesville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDr. Virtue has a wonderful staff. They are caring and I love the difference in my teeth. My husband and I are very satisfied and plan on coming here for many years to come.

Cindy Tabor
East Bend, NC

Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewIn the world today we are much too often as customers or patients not given excellences in patient care or satisfied as a customer. This is not the case when you are lucky enough to become a patient with Dr. William Virtue and staff. I needed extensive dental treatment when I first visited the Virtue Dental Clinic 14 years ago. Becoming a patient of Dr. William Virtue and staff has truly changed my life and my smiles. Once you become a patient you also become a part of the family of excellence in dental care for a lifetime.

Connie L. Bohrer
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been coming to see Dr. Virtue and his staff for more than 10 years. I have always been taken care of and really appreciate the talent and quality of work that I consistently receive. I have since moved and I still travel the extra miles to have my dental needs taken care of here in Yadkinville. I do this because the entire staff is considerate and friendly, the services offered are superior and a higher quality than other offices. Everyone always has a pleasant thing to say.

Daniel A. Forrest
Lewisville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewThank you Dr. Virtue and each member of your staff for your approach to a comprehensive and holistic dentistry, and to the wonderful and professional care that each of you provide. We chose to drive from Statesville to your office because we knew that you would work to ensure our dental health and appearance. You always would make the experience pleasant, with your smiling faces & caring conversation. All of our work would begin on the time scheduled, which was important to us. Again, we thank you for continuing to inform and educate yourselves, so that the safety and well being of your patients and staff will be first priority.

Bobby & Donna Bishop
Statesville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI had wanted pretty, straight teeth all my life. I decided to do veneers in my 40’s. I have really enjoyed them. I feel much more comfortable when I smile. I'm very glad that I decided to do my veneers!

Crystal Salmon
Harmony, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewIn August of 2004 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. As a part of the Holistic cancer fighting regimen that I decided upon in place of the recommended chemotherapy and radiation. I was instructed to have my amalgam dental fillings removed by a biological dentist in order to effectively detox my body from mercury. My regular dentist was not experienced in this area of dentistry, so I consulted with Dr. Virtue to have my numerous amalgam dental fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings and onlays. Dr.Virtue and his staff were very understanding and explained everything beautifully as I went through the process of having old amalgams removed. They patiently answered all of my questions and showed me compassion and support for my situation. Dr. Virtue did a beautiful job with the new restorations and fillings, and the whole process couldn’t have been any better!

Emily Averill
Winston Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI want to thank you for the great care and support I received on my recent visit to have a crown. I never in my 60 years on this planet had such care and yet distraction for a dental procedure. The back and seat message, eye pillow, neck pillow, TV, and laughing gas were all beneficial in order to calm my fears. I had previous experiences with difficulties with anesthesia and pain. Through all of these distractions I could still keenly use my sense of audio to hear Dr. Virtue say “Now relax your tongue” repeatedly and know what everyone in the office had for lunch.

What a great experience! I recommend anyone with dental doubts to try “6 Flags over Virtue” for their dental needs!

Judy Weaver
Troutman, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient at Yadkin Dental Care for 25 years. Through those years I have found Dr. Virtue and his staff to a very caring and professional group of people. The patient feels very much at ease and knows that he or she is in very good hands. Believe me, I have been coming here for a longtime and could not have asked for a better dentist or staff.

Gary Swaim
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewThe staff at Dr. Virtue’s office is always very pleasant, courteous and professional. They have made my visits comfortable and enjoyable. I am extremely pleased with the quality of their work.

Janet Neubaum
Clemmons, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDr. Virtue has been my dentist for many years and I have always been pleased with the high quality of his work. He and his staff have always been kind, understanding and interested in me and my girls and our well-being!

Jerrie Hayes
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDr. Virtue and staff are truly professionals. I live over one hour away and still make the trip here even thought a dentist office is right up the street. I have also received the best care while coming to Dr. Virtue’s office. Everyone is great!!

Jim Merritt
Advance, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewDr. Virtue has been my dentist for ten years, and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. He is always on the leading-edge of dental technology and his practice is environmentally responsible, which is important to me. Everyone at Yadkin Dental Care is friendly and caring, which makes my visits there more like seeing family than going to the dentist. Sounds too good to be-but it’s not! In today’s impersonal marketplace, where patients are often treated like numbers, when I find a great healthcare provider, I am happy to recommend him or her to others. Dr. Virtue is at the top of my list!

Joan Wilcox
Clemmons, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewThe dentist I had been going to for years became ill and sold his practice, and I became dissatisfied with the new one, feeling I was just a number, and uneasy about the service.

I tried different Dentists, going to Greensboro, Lexington, Winston-Salem, until I heard Dr. Virtue on the radio one day. I made the appointment and have been more than satisfied with the service and personal attention from both he and his staff. I’m a curious guy and like to know the reasons for the procedures, and sometimes the use of various tools, both mechanical and electrical, that are used. I have never failed to have any questions answered. Another requirement for me was not only quality of service, but price, since I have a limited income. Doc and his staff have done their best to work with me, and this I sincerely appreciate. I would recommend Dr. Virtue to anyone looking for a caring, up-to-date dental practice.

John Weiss
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI had been searching for a new dentist who would help restore the best health and look to all of my teeth. I knew I needed old fillings replaced, as well as reconstructive work to broken teeth. I had always been self conscious of the color of my teeth. So my goal was to fix and repair my teeth as well as have them cosmetically whitened. Dr. Virtue and his staff worked with me to accomplish all of these goals in about seven months. It was not painful! I have been thrilled with the results of my teeth. They are the whitest they’ve ever been as well as in the best shape! The staff is excellent, professional, and extremely friendly. I tell everyone I can about Dr. Virtue and his staff!

Judith Y. Lowtharpe
Statesville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewMany questions are posed by my friends as to why I travel to Yadkinville- a 45 minute journey, for dental care. The testimony lies within the expertise of Dr. Virtue and his excellent staff. Folks, today, are hungry for the family characterized treatment in medical facilities. Dr. Virtue’s Dental team provides that and they listen! They are loyal to their patients and their individual dental maintenance and needs.

Kathy Knox
Lexington, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI came to learn about Dr. Virtue while listening to WSJS Radio in Winston Salem. I had a large space between my two central incisors; and, was reluctant to get involved in further dental treatment since I had been working with my current dentist for an extended period to close this gap which had proved unsuccessful. Although my dentist had assured me how “easy and quick” it was for the procedure to correct this problem, nothing had worked after almost 2 years. I was very disappointed, after paying high prices for work hat was not satisfactory. Initially, I was reluctant to drive to Yadkinville and see Dr. Virtue; but, after speaking with him and listening to the way in which he described his operation, his staff, and the professional care that all of his staff provided, I decided to visit his office.

On December 17, 2005, I drove to Yadkinville for my first appointment. I met Dr. Virtue and was introduced to all his staff. Right away, Dr. Virtue examined me and asked me what I wanted him to do. I explained to him about what I’d gone through with the previous dentist and asked him to complete the process that the previous dentist could not. To my amazement, he didn’t even blink about how to solve my problem. Some of the staff and he consulted me about the procedure that he wanted to do. He decided to cap all of my upper teeth. This procedure would automatically close the gap between my front teeth. After two extended visits, they completed the process for my upper crowns. Dr. Virtue made a temporary implant; and, after several components were discussed about the best choice for the new crowns, we chose ceramic. Approximately two weeks later, the new crowns arrived, and Dr. Virtue and Julia spent quite a long time ensuring that the crowns were installed and fitted properly.

Dr. Virtue described a couple of options for my lower teeth. My teeth, over the years, had worn too short for most common practices. Dr. Virtue decided, after consultation with me and Julia, to cap the bottom teeth as well. Appointments were set up and I went through the same process as before with my upper teeth. Again, after the replacement crowns arrived, Dr. Virtue meticulously measured and fit the crowns and made sure that the permanent adhesive was correctly installed so that each tooth was of a permanent nature.

In appreciation to Dr. Virtue, I donated $1000 for each of the upper and lower crown installations to the Pankey Institute, a dental teaching foundation of which Dr. Virtue is an alumnus. Dr. Virtue is one of the most professional people I have ever met; and, it’s incredible hat his staff has stayed with him for over 20 years. This, in itself, tells a lot about him and his practice; and, the way he treats people. In consultation you will always see Dr. Virtue as direct, forthright, honest and sincere. I really was glad that I happened to listen to the radio that day and listen to Dr. Virtue on how he handled various dental problems and describe his staff. To this day, I still go to his office every 6 months to get my teeth cleaned and for my oral exam. And, each time I go, Melinda, Terry, Twinkle, Daphne, and Julia are so helpful. It feels like a reunion instead of a doctor’s visit.

Larry Priddy
Summerfield, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI am truly glad someone referred me to Dr. William Virtue’s Office. I use to be so afraid of the dentist. Now I am so relaxed and do not mind going to the dentist. I even like getting my teeth clean and do not hate needles anymore. They are a great group of caring people. Plus Dr. Virtue does excellent work.

Lavonia Judkins
Winston-Salem, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewMy family has been coming to Dr. Virtue’s office since my kids were very young. The staff has always been great with them and making their visits fun and easy. My 8 year old says, “I love the Dentist!!” Of course it has a lot to do with their favorite person, Julia she is always here with a big hug and smile for them when they come through the door! Thanks girls, you are all great!

Monica Wood
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewJust wanted to say a little “thank you” for all the years of dental work. I have been a patient since 1983. We have had lots of years with nice smiles because of your services.

Frankie Williams
Yadkinville, NC

Christy McCormick
Los Angeles, CA
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient of Dr. Virtues and staff for 20 years. The care has been excellent!

Nancy H. Walls
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI never dreamed in the 1960s and 70s, that a person could actually look forward to paying a visit to their dentist, but it is actually true now-a-days. I can remember when the words, “dental appointment” would strike terror in the hearts of the bravest.

Doc and his staff are very professional, but also very personable and always make you feel at home. A visit to the Doc’s office is like paying a visit to old friends. They have always done excellent work for me and my family and I sincerely appreciate them. Now-a-days, going to the dentist could possibly mean a “good massage and nitrous oxide” to get you through the trip. Who would object to that kind of treatment? You can actually laugh through any dental procedure!

Thanks Doc and to all of you who have remained with the practice through these years. Says a lot for the way you work together and your communication with each other.

God Bless you all.

Pat Jones
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewHaving been a patient of Dr.Virtue’’s since 1985 I have had numerous occasions to avail myself of the services of his practice for both routine maintenance and more extensive procedures. I have always received prompt, courteous, and professional service from Dr. Virtue and his staff. Yadkinville and Yadkin County is very fortunate to have his dental practice in our community.

Roy D. Lane
Yadkinville, NC
Testimonials Yadkinville - Five Star ReviewI have been a patient here since 2002. From 2002-2006, Dr. Virtue restored my teeth one area at a time. Now I have healthy, strong teeth that will last me a lifetime.

Vicki Stephens
East Bend, NC

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