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Rating: 5 Dermatologist Walnut Creek - Five Star Reviews By James W.
Dr. William E. Virtue DDS, FIAOMT, NMD
I have been going to Dr. Virtue's dental office for many years after going to many other dentists in the area with no sucess. This practice is the TOTAL EXPERIENCE! From the time in walk in until you walk out you feel that not only are you in the best hands but that you are among experienced, caring friends. Not only do they care about their patients but about each other and it is apparent from the first visit. If you are looking for a dentist I strongly recommend Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville. It is worth trying. Bet you can't just go one time!
Reviewed by maple885
Six Months to a more beautiful smile in Yadkinville NC
These days, more and more of our adult patients are opting to explore orthodontic treatment. Perhaps they were never given the opportunity to straighten their teeth in their youth, or maybe over the years their teeth have become crowded or slowly drifted out of alignment.

No matter the reason, there is no doubt that your smile has a huge impact on your self-confidence and the way you are perceived by others. If you have issues such as crowding, gapped, crooked, or even turned teeth, you now have a fast and effective way to fix your smile. With Six Month Smiles from Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville, you can straighten your teeth in record time.

Six Month Smiles is uniquely designed for adults who wish to straighten their teeth. It works by using a series of clear brackets and tooth colored wires to quickly position teeth in their correct location. Six Month Smiles utilizes a gentle force to move teeth into their correct place. It focuses on the front teeth, which allows amazing results in a short time.

Six Month Smiles is not for complex orthodontic issues or those that affect the structure of the jaw and bite. Six Month Smiles works to address mild to moderate spacing issues, teeth that overlap, or teeth that have moved into the incorrect place.

The Six Month Smiles system was named after the average completion time for most patients undergoing treatment. Results can be achieved in anywhere from four to nine months. After your initial evaluation, we’ll be able to discuss your individual situation and address expected treatment time.

Correcting crooked teeth is not just important for the appearance of your smile. Teeth that are improperly spaced or crooked can leave space open that is susceptible to trapped bacteria. Cleaning these spaces can be difficult, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease if not addressed. In addition, teeth that are improperly aligned can end up under more pressure during normal daily activities such as eating. This can lead to chips, cracks, and even breaks.

To schedule your consultation for Six Month Smiles and start on the road to a beautiful, straight smile, call our office today.
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