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Rating: 5 Dermatologist Walnut Creek - Five Star Reviews By James W.
Dr. William E. Virtue DDS, FIAOMT, NMD
I have been going to Dr. Virtue's dental office for many years after going to many other dentists in the area with no sucess. This practice is the TOTAL EXPERIENCE! From the time in walk in until you walk out you feel that not only are you in the best hands but that you are among experienced, caring friends. Not only do they care about their patients but about each other and it is apparent from the first visit. If you are looking for a dentist I strongly recommend Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville. It is worth trying. Bet you can't just go one time!
Reviewed by maple885
Boonville, NC dentist reviews benefits of sedation dentistry
Dentistry is continually evolving. Every year there are advances that help dentist’s deliver better care and allow patients to have better experiences and improved oral health. Anesthesia is one area that has come a long way in modern dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows patients to experience anxiety-free, pain-free, and comfortable care without suffering from fear. It has become an increasingly popular choice for many patients because of its many benefits, including:

Improved dental health

Dental anxiety is common. In fact, it can be so overwhelming for some patients that they avoid regular dental care and put the health of their smile and overall wellness at risk. This lack of regular dental care can turn a relatively small problem to turn into something more severe that may require extensive treatment. In addition, the stress or worry about dental visits is not good for your mental health.

By offering sedation dentistry, we allow our patients to address the anxiety and feel comfortable and confident coming into our office for treatment. By receiving regular dental care, patients put themselves in the best position to maintain oral health.

Fewer dental visits

Sedation dentistry doesn’t just help patients who have dental anxiety. Patients who are facing multiple or lengthy procedures may also benefit. Sedation dentistry can increase the amount of dental work that can be completed in one visit. For patients who are undergoing a complete smile makeover, this can allow them to remain relaxed and prevent the need for multiple visits. In addition to the time savings, sedation allows the patients to keep the muscles relaxed, which can help improve recovery by reducing post procedure soreness or discomfort.


Patients who opt for sedation dentistry can rest assured that it has undergone extensive testing and has great safety records. Oral sedation is safe and effective and allows patients to have little to no memory of their procedure.

If you are in the Boonville, NC area and are interested in reading patient reviews and learning more about sedation dentistry, call Virtue Dental today to set up a consultation. The staff is happy to answer any questions that you have about sedation.

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