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Rating: 5 Dermatologist Walnut Creek - Five Star Reviews By James W.
Dr. William E. Virtue DDS, FIAOMT, NMD
I have been going to Dr. Virtue's dental office for many years after going to many other dentists in the area with no sucess. This practice is the TOTAL EXPERIENCE! From the time in walk in until you walk out you feel that not only are you in the best hands but that you are among experienced, caring friends. Not only do they care about their patients but about each other and it is apparent from the first visit. If you are looking for a dentist I strongly recommend Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville. It is worth trying. Bet you can't just go one time!
Reviewed by maple885
An experienced dentist can make dentures comfortable for Lewisville NC area residents
Dentures can be a valuable tool for patients who are missing teeth. When crafted and fitted correctly, they allow patients to smile, eat, and speak – activities that can all be challenging without teeth. On the other hand, ill-fitting dentures can be loose, shift around, and cause pain and discomfort. For dentures that look natural and function properly, it is essential to visit an experienced dentist.

Advancements in dental technology and materials have made dentures a viable option for patients to replace missing teeth affordably. At Virtue Dental Care, our dentist, Dr. Virtue, and his team have the experience and expertise you can count on for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Getting dentures is a multi-step process that begins with impressions. This is vital to ensure that the final product fits correctly. Dentures that are too short or too tall will not function properly. Additionally, dentures that do not fit correctly will not support your facial structure, giving you a “sunken” appearance. It is important that dentures fit well when your mouth is closed, as well as when you smile, chew, or talk.

Dr. Virtue doesn’t rely on simply taking a single impression. We take a series of impressions to ensure accuracy so the design is correct for proper bite alignment and appearance.

By taking such meticulous steps during the design process, we can ensure that your dentures fit just like a glove. Once the dentures are received by our office, we will check the appliance again for proper fit and form, making any necessary adjustments.

The process for dentures is not a quick one, but it is important for your comfort and appearance that we take the time to do it with precision accuracy.

Dentures do not have to look like a fake set of teeth. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful, comfortable, and fully functioning dentures that can restore normalcy for our patients who are missing teeth. If you are in Lewisville, NC or the surrounding area, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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