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Rating: 5 Dermatologist Walnut Creek - Five Star Reviews By James W.
Dr. William E. Virtue DDS, FIAOMT, NMD
I have been going to Dr. Virtue's dental office for many years after going to many other dentists in the area with no sucess. This practice is the TOTAL EXPERIENCE! From the time in walk in until you walk out you feel that not only are you in the best hands but that you are among experienced, caring friends. Not only do they care about their patients but about each other and it is apparent from the first visit. If you are looking for a dentist I strongly recommend Virtue Dental Care in Yadkinville. It is worth trying. Bet you can't just go one time!
Reviewed by maple885
You can get teeth onlays in a day from a dentist near you in Southwest North Carolina
If you’ve ever had an onlay or inlay placed in the past, you are probably well aware that the process involves multiple appointments. The inconvenience of making multiple trips to the dentist along with the need for a temporary restoration can cause frustration for patients. At Virtue Dental Care, we offer a solution: tooth onlays and inlays in a day. We utilize the innovative CEREC technology to allow patients to leave the office with a brand new restoration in one day.

The CEREC Difference: Advantages you can count on
  • The standard process for onlays and inlays begins with physical impressions. Patients are required to bite down on paste-like material and wait for it to harden before the impressions can be sent off to a laboratory for custom fabrication.

    CEREC utilizes hi-res digital impressions. The camera sends the images directly to a specialized computer program that converts them into a 3-D model. Dr. Virtue then works with that model to design the custom restorations.
  • With traditional onlays and inlays, patients are required to wear a temporary restoration for several weeks while waiting for fabrication of the permanent one. Temporary restorations may not fit or function as well as the permanent solution.

    With CEREC, the design crafted by Dr. Virtue is milled immediately in the office. The color of ceramic can be chosen to match the teeth and in less than thirty minutes, patients will have a brand new restoration.
Another benefit to CEREC technology is it allows on-the-spot modifications. With traditional restorations, any major changes will require work by the laboratory. With the CEREC model, modifications can be made quickly in the office.

Patients who opt for CEREC onlays and inlays are extremely satisfied with the high quality and convenience that is delivered with single-day restorations. Since it came on the market, millions of CEREC restorations have been placed in the mouths of happy patients. If you reside in Southwest North Carolina and would like to learn more about this technology and determine how it can benefit you, call us today and schedule a consultation.

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