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The FDA has advised ‘vulnerable’ groups - pregnant and lactating women; women trying to conceive; fetuses, infants and younger kids; those with neurological or kidney issues; and those allergic to mercury – to avoid dental amalgam. We take this advice very seriously. That’s why we consider mercury-free smiles as a priority!
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Fear doesn’t keep patients in Piedmont NC away from the dentist, thanks to sedation dentistry

When you think of ways to ease your anxiety at the dental office, chances are nitrous oxide comes to mind. Better known as laughing gas, this sedative option is generally suited for patients with mild dental fears. It may be appropriate if you have a bad gag reflex or are undergoing a lengthy procedure.

Relief for all patients

Virtue Dental Care understands no single sedative option is right for every patient. For this reason, Dr. Virtue and his team go above and beyond with options to ease every level of dental fear. As a holistic practice, the team is pleased to offer innovative, multi-faceted alternatives to conventional sedation to make your experience at the dentist’s office a pleasant one.

Very anxious patients can benefit from oral conscious sedation. The doctor will prescribe a pill to calm you down and give you specific instructions. It is advised that you take medication about an hour before your appointment. By the time a friend or family member drives you to the appointment, you will be awake but completely calm. You will be able to respond to verbal instructions or answer any questions Dr. Virtue may ask.

The beauty of oral conscious sedation is you are able to retain consciousness, only you won’t be bothered by the sounds, smells, and sensations that cause many patients to panic. In what will feel like no time at all, the treatment will be over and your ride will drive you back home. After resting, you will wake up with no memory of treatment.

The latest and best methods

For those patients who desire a drug-free approach, Virtue Dental Care offers NuCalm. Using proprietary supplements, FDA-cleared Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, noise-dampening headphones, and light-blocking eye masks, counteract the adrenaline that causes symptoms like problems breathing, muscle tension, and GI distress in anxious patients.

Don’t let fear keep you from the care you need to look and feel your best. There is sure to be a sedation dentistry option in the Piedmont NC area that helps you get through everything from standard cleanings to invasive restorative procedures comfortably. Find out more about your options. Virtue Dental Care Patients call (336) 679-2034 and New Patients call (336) 606-0040 today to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Virtue is amazing. I came in for a root canal and experienced no pain what so ever. It was a breeze. So happy to have found this awesome office. Everyone here is super friendly.
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Dr. William Virtue, DDS, AGD, FIAOMT, DNM best doctor near Rochester, MI

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Virtue Dental Care is committed to ensuring that Yadkinville, NC patients have healthy teeth and healthy bodies. We follow biological dentistry principles, offering general, cosmetic, and mercury-free dentistry. The latest techniques and technologies, personalized care, and a comfortable and environmentally responsible practice are our hallmarks.

Our office was established in 1979 by Dr. William Virtue, DDS, AGD, FIAOMT, DNM, who was trained in dentistry at Indiana University. His achievements include Past President of the IAOMT and Forum for Contemporary Dental Esthetics. Dr. Mary Katherine Taylor, DDS, ADA, NCDS, AIAOMT graduated from Wake Forest University and earned her dental degree from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. Both of our doctors go above and beyond in continuing education to provide top service to our patients.